Witcher gameplay.

Sound design Demo Reel.

With all my love to Witcher games I have deleted original sound from the gameplay and made my own custom version of the sound design to demonstrate my skills.
The majority of the sound effects you hear I recorded and created myself.
For Foley and environment sounds i i have recorded a bunch of material literally walking through the swamp, field, forest with my portable recorder.
As for the creature sounds, i have recorded lots of material such as old squeaky water pump, frogs, my own voice, rubber boat air loosening sounds, bird sounds and using various sampling techniques and layering reached the result that you can hear in this video.
For the spell sounds i used several synthesizers to create low- sub for slow motion effects, some stunning effects, as well as high electric sounds for the first scene with lightning cast of the witcher.
It was really fun and challenging working on this gameplay. Hope you’ve liked it too.