Sci-Fi |Action |Adventure

PROZE is an exciting adventure story. Genre: action, adventure, quest, horror — it is actually a story about friendship but with massive Cold War conspiracy background.

Get lost, find your friends, uncover the plot and find the answers.

-The main storyline of three friends fuses with a global secret plot;

-Exciting quest with a lot of details, situation, which a lot of people can relate to;

-Close to real environment (features a lot of real locations and facilities), story with a real-world background, X-files grade;

-Realistic interactions, frightening surroundings, anomalies, which will scare you, puzzle you, help you or kill you.

I am working on this project as a game designer with a lot of duties and responsibilities, and of course, I am supervising and creating all audio for the upcoming game.

You are welcome to listen to  PROZE Music